Best cPanel Alternatives in 2020 | zPanal, Plesk and Webmin

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There are plenty of cPanel alternatives in the market. But selecting the right control panel for web hosting must take some fine review. Most of the time the things, when you are going for an alternative, is to look at its security, performance, and finally price. CPanel is the most used web host control panel in the world. The reason for cPanel’s rise is its ease to use and good pricing. Also, the company has been around for over 20 years building trust. This control panel only works in a Linux environment. Although it is a good service to cover most of your need for a cheap price there are some cPanel alternatives that are cheaper and have better tools and services. So if you plan on moving from cPanel here are some services that you might find useful.

Plesk most popular cPanel alternatives

When it comes to web hosting control panels Plesk isn’t exactly a secret. This service has been around for a long time and is one of the most common alternatives for cPanel. While Plesk, like cPanel, also has complaints about its performance it also has some perks cPanel doesn’t have. For example, Plesk can work on both Windows and Linux environments while cPnbale is limited to Linux. Also when you look at its performance its GUI makes using the service very easy. And they have lot of new apps and extensions built-in that can improve the user experience. While cPanel has and Plesk both have many security measures to ensure safety making them both equally safe hosting control panels in the market. When it comes to pricing cPanle costs close to $15 a month while Plesk costs about $10 a month. So Plesk is the cheaper option of the two services. Overall Plesk and cPanel give the user the same experience with some small variations. With the biggest advantage of using Plesk being the cheaper service.


Another good alternative for cPanel Webmin is a free web hosting tool. Also, like the Plesk service, the Webmin can also run on Windows and Linux environments. Although the Webmin service isn’t web hosting panel all the way through it can help you with many tasks that cPanel can do. Also, the service is free to use one with an easy to navigate GUI. But with Webmin, you won’t have most services cPanel gives you like database management or backups. Unlike the cPanel, Webmin’s security is not very strong. Although Webmin can’t replace cPanel it’s the ability to give certain parts web hosting services for free makes it a desirable tool.


This is another web hosting control panel that has a similar built to the cPanel. This is an open-source tool. Which means you can get most of the cPanel out of Zpanel for free. And unlike cPanel, it can also work on windows environments. They give an admirable performance for the users and is free to use. But Zpanel has flaws in its security measure which makes it less trustworthy and not ideal to use as a cPanel alternative.

In conclusion, if you decide to switch from cPanel to another service make sure you get the service that has better service and security.

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