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Finding the best WordPress plugins for your site will elevate your site while bringing in more traffic. There are 1000s of plugins that you can use. Although most of the plugins cost a yearly price there are some good plugins you can find for free. Also, a large number of these paid services also have a free plan. Which allows you to use their WP plugs but with some constraints. These plugins can be used from SEO improvements, modifying site looks to set up a store for the site or improve the site’s security.

Let’s look at a few of the popular and best WordPress plugins that are in the usage today.

Yoast Best WordPress plugin for SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the most used plugins by WordPress users all around the world. Also, it’s relative ease to use it along with greater documentation on how to use it helps make the plugin popular. This plugin helps the users to improve their SEO to bring in more traffic to the site. How they help with SEO improvements is by optimizing the keyword and keyphrases used in the site. They also have tools to check the readability of site contents and lets users add meta descriptions to the content easily. Another cool this Yoast does is show you previews on how sites contents display over on google or on social media. Although this is a paid plugin that costs $89 per year, they also have free plan users can use to improve their SEO.

WP forms

One of the most desirable WP plugin when it comes to making forms for your site WP forms is also very popular. This is a plugin that can be used for making forms for contacting or polls to payment forms and item order forms. Furthermore, the plugin also allows users to design the forms the way they like it. Since the form editor is a drag and drop editor it’s very easy to make the form you need. This WP plugin comes with a price tag of $79 for a year but you can also choose the free plan the service provides.

CSS Hero

This plugin lets you make changes to the WP themes of your site. If you are to make changes to themes in your WordPress site then you need to know a little CSS. But with CSS Hero you can change the themes with a very easy to use interface without a line of code. In less than a few minutes a user can change their WP themes. Which might take a few hours if you are coding with CSS. The paid version of CSS hero costs users $29 a year.

UpdraftPlus Best WordPress plugin for Backups

This plugin allows its users to easily backup their site contents. This makes sure that they don’t lose valuable data in case of an attack. They allow you to backup data to Google Drive or other storage places. And since the backups are automatic and restoring the data is easy this plugin is very popular among WP users. The paid version of Updraft costs users $42 a year.

While there are many plugins for WP by only finding the best WordPress plugins that suit you, that you will be able to improve your website.

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