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Finding a place to free web hosting your site for a cheap price is very hard, so you might think it is impossible to find a good free web host. But there are few services that will allow you to host your site and some will even throw in a free domain name.

Although these services do a great deed by allowing you to hist your site free there will be some compromises. For example, some of these hosts only allow static sites(sites using HTML, CSS, and JS). And some sites allow dynamic hosting but you will have limited database space or your site will be slow to load.
Free Hosting Services

One of the most well known free hosting services is the GitHub pages which is a part of GitHub. GitHub pages is only for hosting static sites. Another free static site host is Netlify which is one of the best services around to host a site with a great interface that makes deploying the site very easy. There are also some sites that can work with PHP such as the 000webhost, a part of the Hostinger service. Another good dynamic site host is the Google cloud free plan which has some cool tools to help deploy.

GitHub Pages

This hosting service is the most common free static site host today. Since they allow the users to do pretty much everything by using Github repositories it’s easy to use. Also, to host your site all you need is a GitHub account while other services have a longer registration process. Since it’s only for static sites only you can only have HTML, CSS, and Javascript in your site. With this service, you can host your site in your own domain or else Github’s own domain. Some of the added values you get from this service is the quick deployment and easy to learn documentation. Github pages also have a great rep with many companies like Lyft and Stack using its service. The only downside of this service is that users cannot host a site with server-side scripting. Github pages is perfect for hosting your projects.

Free hosting with Netlify

Netlify like GitHub is a static site host. This is the easiest service to deploy a website with its drag and drop interface. This allows users to drag and drop all their HTML and CSS files to the interface where Netlify automatically deploys the site. Or you can link your GitHub account to Netlify and use it to deploy the site. One of the biggest pros of using Netlify is they have fast site deployment. Another pro is that the service is able to adjust your site after you upload the files to get maximum performance. Also, the service gives you a free domain to work with while also providing free SSL. The only con when it comes to Netlify other than not supporting languages like PHP is its bandwidth speed for the free plan is slow.


This is the best free hosting service that comes with server-side scripting. And like both Netlify and Github pages, 000Webhost also can host static sites as well. The interface to deploy the site is easy to navigate and the tools they have to assist deploy are super helpful. Also, the documentation of the 000Webhost makes it easy to learn how to deploy and host using the service. You can use your own domain or the domain the 000Webhost gives you for your site. Furthermore, the services’ ability to provide easy registration and good storage space to host the database makes helps attract many users. They also give you the ability to host two separate databases which along with a reasonable bandwidth speed makes it a good site for free hosting. And the uptime of the 000Webhost is on par with some of the paid web hosting services.

There are also some added bonuses with the 000Webhost such as the Ad support and Instant Backups which make the service’s allure increase. However, there are also some flaws with this service like the database reboots or the file upload limit. But the biggest complaint about this free hosting site it’s bad security measures. Although registration and using the service are easy it also leaves a hole in security that can be exploited. While there are few problems with 000Webhost it’s still one of the best free hosts in cyber-space. And if you want to update your hosting you can always use their parent service Hostinger for a cheap web hosting service.

Google cloud

Google cloud is another hosting service that is rising up in the ranks. Although you get the best service from google cloud hosting for paid plans there is also a free plan. Since they are new to the market they give its users a lot of cool perks to attract more clients. One such cool perk is the 1 GB storage space they give users who use the free package. Along with it comes the ability to process over 2 million site requests for a month which makes it ideal for small websites. Other added bonuses are giving access to add git repositories, having a development manager that makes using APIs for your site easier. Like the 000Webhost google cloud’s ability to handle PHP languages, as well as store databases, make them ideal for small sites that uses server-side scripting.

Since Google is the parent company of the service there are tons of well-made documentation you can find to help you learn to host using Google clouds. Also, they provide a training course and free tutorials to teach you how to use their service. But even with all this one of the biggest complaints about the service is it been hard to use. Unlike the other hosting services hosting and deploying using Google cloud isn’t simple. Also, another complaint is a lackluster customer support service. Although there are some faults, when it comes to free web hosting google is one of the best services out there.

Conclusion on free web hosting

While there are only a few free web hosting services most of them are probably able to satisfy your need when it comes to small scale sites. But due to security flaws, low bandwidth, and storage using a free service isn’t advisable. Since there are plenty of good cheap hosting services to get a better experience if you have a big site try to avoid free hosting services. But if you are looking for a place to host your little projects these services are perfect.

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