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Cloud computing is a model of web-based processing. That shares computing resources such as servers, applications, services, and storage. Along with that, provides on-demand network access to data at each computer node anytime anywhere across the computer network. It has no limitation on resource requirements or hardware demands. As well as offering virtual resources and virtual computing platforms. It means we don’t know actually where and how resources exist. By using cloud technology users can easily access the same file and applications from wherever almost any device such as laptops, Pc, mobile phones, etc. Amazon web services, Kamatera, Rackspace, and Massive Grid, and Alibaba cloud introduce as some cloud service providers.
What is the cloud?

The cloud runs on far-flung data centers. Which refers to stashing data on hardware in remote servers. The software and databases run on those remote servers. Can access from anywhere at any time by using any device over the internet. As an example, if you want to log in to your twitter account on your new phone after your old phone breaks, you can find your account on the new phone with all your photos, videos, and chatting history. Because the storage and the computing occur on servers in a data center on behalf of locally on the user device.
Public cloud computing

Cloud services such as hardware, software, other supporting infrastructure, and IT services owned and managed by this. Also, act as a third-party provider. It provides those services to public or large industries over the internet.

Amazon elastic compute cloud
IBM smart cloud enterprise
Google App Engine
Windows Azure service platform


With a public cloud, users can access services and manage their accounts using a web browser. On the other hand, investment is not required to deploy and maintain IT infrastructure.
Private cloud computing

A private cloud is an internal or enterprise cloud. That refers to the cloud solutions dedicated for use by a single organization. The computing infrastructure provides over a secure private network and not shared with others. All of the data is protected behind the firewall. Examples are VMWare, Microsoft KVM, and Xen.

Offering a secure cloud environment is very important. That is unable to access by other organizations that are very important. In addition to that has high SLA performance and efficiency.
Hybrid cloud computing

A hybrid cloud involves a cloud infrastructure environment. It is a combination of public,

private, and community cloud storage and also needs SaaS. It gives more advantages to both public and private clouds. For instance, customers can choose data to store in a private cloud, while running an application in a public cloud. IBM, HP, VMWare, Eucalyptus are some examples of hybrid. It is very costly and difficult to implement. Moreover, consists of network complexities and compliance issues.

It is of high reliability. Besides it very flexible. Because it allows applications and services to exchange data. Additionally, it has high scalability and high security.
Benefits of cloud computing

Cloud computing technology saves money. We pay for only what is used. And also reduce actual infrastructure costs. If there is any failure on the current server, you can easily transfer any available server. It provides central administration of resources. This is a very high-speed technology and it has excellent accessibility. The most important thing is providing higher security. In addition to that, it has no-location constraints.

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