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Wix vs Weebly which one out of these two web builders is better? And how to select the service that suits you the best? These are two questions you hear a lot when it comes to online web builders subject. Although Wix has the biggest share in the market Weebly is slowly catching up to Wix with its service. So let’s try to find the winner in the battle of Wix vs Weebly.

How to select a winner in the Wix vs Weebly battle

When it comes to online web builders selecting the right tool depends on many factors. And once you take onto account all these factors you can find the builder that is best for you.

  1. Wix vs Weebly: ease to use

Nothing out of these factors is more important than the ease to use. If the builder’s interface is hard to use then the point of using the tool is lost. But thankfully both Wix and Weebly have easy to use tools.

The main reason for the popularity of these builders is their ease to use. While developing a site using HTML, CSS and PHP take a lot of coding you can use these builders to make a site in less than a day. From the gate, both services are easy to use with just an email address you can register into the service.

Once you inside the service you can easily select a template you like and start making little changes to it. Since both the services have a drag and drop editor all you need is to move your mouse to make your site.

Wix has a lot of tools that you can use from. And these tools can help build a site that looks and functions well. But the problem with all these tools is that the complexity it comes with. Although it is nowhere near hard as it sounds to use most of Wix’s builder it is something you have ease into to get the best result if you are new to the service.

On the other hand, Weebly doesn’t have a lot of tools that you can use on your site when you compare it with Wix. Although this might sound like a huge flaw and it kind of is, the fewer tools to select from means the builder is easy to use even for a new user.

So when it comes to ease to use Weebly takes the win, but this doesn’t mean Wix is not hard to use.

  1. Customer Support and Documentation

Another thing that users have to think about before you select a web builder service is customer support. In case you are stuck in the building process, you must have a support system to reach out to.
Wix vs Weebly: Customer Support

When it comes to customer support Weebly takes the top spot thanks to its great customer support and live chat tool. Although Wix has a great support center it counts on the users to find the answers in FAQ, while Weebly is more open to helping users.

And having good documentation on how to use the service is also very helpful when it comes to selecting the better service out of Wix vs Weebly.

This section has Wix takes the win thanks to great documentation and tutorials. Since Wix is more popular you are also likely to find extra documentation outside of the site to help you as well.

But this doesn’t mean that Weebly has poor documentation, in fact, Weebly’s documentations are on par with Wix. This means when it comes to good documentation and tutorials you can’t go wrong with either of the services.

  1. Wix vs Weebly: Price Plans

Another factor you have to look at when you selecting a builder is the service cost. Both these services give its users a very wide range of price plans. While both services also have free plans it’s restrictions and constant ads make the plan less desirable.

Wix comes with three that range from $17 to $28 per month. But if users take a yearly payment option the price range drops to $13 to $23 per month. All these plans have their own perks and wider range makes sure most people can afford the service

Weebly too has three plans users can select from with a monthly subscription ranging from $9 to $29 dollars. But like Wix, if you pay for a full year the service cost range drops to $6 to $26 per month.

Although at first glance Weebly may look like the cheaper builder since Wix has more added service that makes sit higher price worth it. In conclusion, Weebly has a beginner-friendly price plan. While Wix has a price plan that suits a site that uses advanced features like an online store.

  1. Wix vs Weebly: Flexibility

Another factor you have to consider when selecting a web builder is how much flexibility is given when customizing the sites. Since both of the services, uses templates there is very little wiggle room when it comes to customizing. But there are certain small things users of both services can change to make their site look different.

With Wix, you have more room to change the built-in template designs to suit your site. There are tools that allow you to select the fonts, add animations, add pictures, and many other things according to your desire.

They also allow you to rearrange the template contents and place them anywhere according to your desire. All this along with many templates to select from Wix is a great place to build a visually pleasing website.

With Weebly, you get most of the tools and services you get from Wix that help you to customize your site. But there are certain drawbacks such as having a smaller library of templates to select from. Also, you can’t rearrange the template with Weebly.

In conclusion in the battle of Wix vs Weebly, Wix comes on top when it comes to flexibility to customize according to users’ desire.

While Wix vs Weebly is a hard question to answer and both great website builders. Wix is better for a more sophisticated site while Weebly is more beginner-friendly. Depending on your needs one builder can be better than the other.

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